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  1860 Conversion

.44 Caliber

  Circa 1873-1878

1860 Army Colt, Richards Conversion, .44 CF caliber, #190892, circa 1873-1878. Revolver remains in original good condition with a deep brown patina finish.

Colt 1860 Conversion

Scattered light to moderate surface pitting; good barrel address, some nicks and mars in the metal on the barrel and 30%-50% light cylinder scene. Traces of original nickel plate underneath ejector rod housing and about 85% remaining on brass trigger guard. All matching numbers throughout, good “Colts Patent” marking and .44 cal on left trigger guard.

Colt SAA Conversion

Old ivory grips appear to be original with a deep yellow pattern, some age cracks and slightly undersized against the frame. The grips also show scorching on the edges from using the handle to pick up pots from the camp fire and probably causing the grips to shrink to the undersize condition. The wedge screw appears to be an old replacement. The front sight has been slimmed down some. The action, markings, and bore are good.

Colt SAA Conversion

A true old frontier revolver for a cowboy who couldn’t afford a new Colt SAA. 

Price $4,750.00

Item #1141