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 Model 1873 Rifle

.38-40 Caliber

Made in 1884

Winchester 1873 rifle made in 1884.  The rifle features an octagon barrel with all standard features as verified by factory letter (included). Serial #186384B.

Winchester 1873 Rifle

The rifle was shipped in 1885. All parts are original with the exception of a reproduction cleaning rod in butt stock. The rifle is in fine condition with about 95% original bright blue on barrel with a small amount of minor pitting (about 2” long) at right side near the rear sight. There is a small scratch (about 1" long) just under the hammer on the right side (see below photo).  Barrel markings were stamped light as well as the model marking on the rear tang and are not completely legible. The “38 Cal” on the brass lifter is a much stronger stamping and is very visible. Magazine tube bluing has turned to a plum color and the frame has about 45-50% bright blue, the reminder turning to plum. Case colors are showing on hammer and turning dark on lever. Butt plate is a pleasing light plum color. The wood to metal fit is perfect and wood is in fine condition with only slight scratches and dings from usage – nothing bad. The butt stock has some figure in the wood and about 65% of original varnish. Mechanics are good and bore has strong rifling with some light pitting.

Winchester 1873 Rifle

A very nice early 73’ in .38-40 which was considered the “Magnum” of that era as it reached velocities in excess of 1,000 feet per second.

Price $5,500.00

Item #1219