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These .38-40 shot cartridges are expressly made for Winchester Model 1873 and other 38 caliber rifles. This is a Winchester brand black powder box with brass cartridges loaded with No. 8 shot. The antique ammo box is UNOPENED and in excellent overall condition. There is one small rub spot on the top label in the lower, left hand corner – otherwise the box is near perfect. The bottom of the box shows the guarantee label pasted over an earlier label???

Shot Cartridges Winchester Brand
Shot Cartridges Winchester Brand

An uncommon box in great condition.

Covered with plastic wrap for protection.

Item #1510

Clarks Antiques .38-40 Shot Cartridges - Price $600.00

* Can't ship antique or modern ammo to California

Shot Cartridges Winchester Brand

.38-40 Shot Cartridges 

Antique Ammo Winchester Brand

Circa 1895 - 1910