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Antique Colt 44 Center Fire Cartridges

Colt .44 Center Fire Cartridges

Antique Ammo Winchester Brand

Circa 1890

​​​​- Antique Ammo

Interestingly, the box is labeled “Rifle Cartridges” but were manufactured for Colt Conversion revolvers. Historically, some eastern cities had banned the sale of pistol cartridges within city limits and by so marking the boxes; Winchester outsmarted the anti-gun establishment of that era. To my knowledge, I am not aware of any rifle that accepted this chambering. A really nice box of hard to find .44 Colt antique ammo, especially in this condition.

Wrapped in plastic for protection.

Item #1394

Clarks Antiques Colt .44 Center Fire Cartridges - Price $1,500.00

* Can't ship antique or modern ammo to California


These Colt .44 center fire cartridges, Winchester brand, circa 1890 is an exceptional box of antique ammo that is unopened with all the yellow/orange side sealing intact and unbroken. The green top label is fine condition with only a few minor rub spots.

Antique Colt 44 Center Fire Cartridges