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Box wrapped in plastic for protection.

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Clarks Antiques Antique .44 Henry Ammo - Price $2,850.00

* Can't ship antique or modern ammo to California

Antique UMC 44 Henry Ammo

A nice early OPENED and FULL box of .44 Henry Ammo flat rimfire . Marked “44 Henry Flat” & “Model 1866”. This antique ammo box of .44 Henry rimfire is in good condition with a good green colored top label showing a few scuffs and stains. The side, wrap-around labels, are all present and good, just being cut for opening. All the seams are good and there is an old small (1 ¾”) tape repair at the back side. Guarantee on the bottom of the box is good also. All cartridges are present – untouched/uncleaned, all showing the “U” head stamp which is correct.

Antique UMC 44 Henry Ammo
Antique UMC 44 Henry Ammo

- Antique Ammo

.44 Henry ammo

Antique Ammo UMC Brand

Circa 1880's

Antique UMC 44 Henry Ammo