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This antique ammo box is U. S. Military .45 Caliber ammo  “Revolver Ball” cartridges from the Frankford Arsenal. These antique cartridges were shorter and less powerful than the standard .45 “long” Colt, to accommodate use in the S & W Schofield as well as the Colt Single Action revolver.

45 Caliber Ammo

- Antique Ammo

.45 Caliber Antique Ammo

Frankford Arsenal, dated 1878

This box is UNOPENED and is in excellent condition with a water proof varnish coating common to this vintage.

Covered with plastic wrap for protection.

Item #1472 

Clarks Antiques 45 Caliber Ammo - Price $400.00

* Can't ship antique or modern ammo to California

45 Caliber Ammo