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This modern firearm "Colt 3rd Generation SAA " is a gorgeous class "B" factory engraved Colt Single Action Army Revolver, new in the box and un-fired.

Colt 3rd Generation SAA
Colt 3rd Generation SAA

It has a 4 ¾” barrel and is in the original blue custom shop box with all the original factory paper work enclosed. 

Colt 3rd Generation SAA

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Will not ship guns or any items with ivory to California, Washington State, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, or Hawaii because these states have a total ban on ALL ivory sales - new or antique.

Clarks Antiques antique firearm Colt 3rd Generation SAA - Price $5,750.00

Item #1300


Factory Engraved Colt Single Action Army .45

Made in 1993

Colt 3rd Generation SAA
Colt 3rd Generation SAA

A factory letter (included) confirms all the features, including: nickel finish and fire blue screws (qualified) with ink-baked accents. One piece ivory grips without medallions and one gun in shipment.