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The holster loop was undone to add the nickel spot and then hand re-sewn, as seen from the back. Marked on the back is "408X" (catalog number) and "44 7 1/2".  The photos show both a Dragoon and an SAA in the holster. It has not been oiled. 

Dragoon Size Western Holster

- Antique Gun Leather

These holsters were sold by many hardware/mercantile stores in the old west and were quite popular. This one shows some attractive nickel spots (two are flattened near the top). The holster is in excellant condition with all the original stitching and the "Cheyenne" toe plug.

Toy guns shown in Clarks Antiques antique gun leather photos not included.

Clarks Antiques antique gun leather Dragoon Size Western Holster  - Price $900.00

Item #1529​

dragoon size western holster

Early Catalog Holster

Antique Gun Leather from Circa 1880's

Dragoon Size Western Holster
Dragoon Size Western Holster
Dragoon Size Western Holster

This is a rarely found single loop cowboy style holster that fits a Colt Dragoon. This dragoon size western holster is an early catalog holster, circa 1880's, showing imbossed tooling and a cowboy on a pony.  A rare piece of antique gun leather that fits a variety of antique large frame revolvers. A Colt SAA also fits but goes deep into the pouch. 

Dragoon Size Western Holster