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cavalry holster


This Heiser holster and belt rig are both marked with the Heiser logo that came into use in 1925. Both are in good condition with all the original stitching and no damage to the leather.  Matching brown in color they appear to have always been together.

This cavalry holster is a very fine example of an 1881 Model Military Holster with the 1896 loop modification. The holster is the 2 hole flap model for use with a Colt SAA or the S & W Schofield revolver

cavalry holster 

Model 1881

Cowboy 45 Colt SAA and Rig
heiser holster and belt rig

cowboy 45 colt saa and rig

Made 1883

Heiser holster and belt rig

Circa Late 1920's

This Colt Single Action Army revolver  was delivered to Simmons Hardware Co., St Louis, Mo. On August 15, 1883, per factory letter – included. Finish listed as blue with barrel length and stocks not listed.  The nickel and ivory appear to have been on this revolver for all of its life. The holster and belt show the same use and condition and the entire outfit appears to have always been together. 

antique 44-40 winchester ammo 

Circa 1885

44-40 Winchester Ammo

This full, UNOPENED, box of antique 44-40 Winchester ammo is central fire, black powder cartridges and is in overall excellent condition. These Winchester boxes are very desirable to collectors and are always in great demand because of the “old-time” graphics. A picture of a Model 73’ carbine is shown on the front side label. ​