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Antique 44 Caliber Ammo
Antique 44 Caliber Ammo

antique .44-40 ammo

Antique Ammo Winchester Brand

Circa Late 1870's - Early 1880's

Antique 44 Caliber Ammo

A great box of ammo that is rarely found.

Covered with plastic wrap for protection.

Item #1497

Clarks Antiques Antique .44-40 Ammo - Price $2,500.00

* Can't ship antique or modern ammo to California

This rare antique .44-40 ammo box is a first issue of the popular third style black powder box.  This antique ammo box is seldom encountered and hard to find. These Winchester boxes are very desirable to collectors and are always in great demand because of the “old-time” graphics. A picture of a Model 73’ carbine is shown on the front side label. The labels specify that the cartridges are for a “Winchester Rifle Model 1873”. The unheadstamped cartridge pictured on this box is the all-important factor in determining the age and rarity of an otherwise common box.

Antique 44 Caliber Ammo

​​​- Antique Ammo

This box of 44-40 Central Fire, black powder cartridges is in overall fine condition. It has been OPENED and contains all the original cartridges that are in good untouched condition. The top green label shows a few minor rub spots and abrasions; otherwise it’s in fine condition. All the side label wrapping is present, and very good, and the box (top & bottom) show no seam splitting at all. Inside the lid is the original reloading information only known to these rare early boxes. The reloading label is in excellent condition.