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Western Rig for Colt SAA
Western Rig for Colt SAA

 - Antique Gun Leather

​​​​​Toy gun and cartridges shown in Clarks Antiques old western gun leather photos not included.

Clarks Antiques antique gun leather - Western Rig for Colt SAA - Price $2,500.00

Item #1457

Western Rig for Colt SAA

Circa 1900

Western Rig for Colt SAA
Western Rig for Colt SAA

A great piece of antique gun leather is our Western rig for Colt SAA by Shelton Payne Arms Company.  An excellent outfit, both being maker marked “Shelton Payne Arms Co, Maker, El Paso Texas”. The holster is a single loop and will accommodate a 4 ¾” or a 5 ½” SAA.

WEstern Rig for Colt SAA

By Shelton Payne Arms Company

Antique Gun Leather Marked "Universal Films"

The holster sewing was opened up so a rivet (modern) could be added to hold the pouch down to the skirt. It was then hand re-sewn back together. It was well done and looks good. The back side of the holster is stamped “Universal Films” and is only partially readable. The belt is a 44/45 caliber money belt. The “El Paso” marking on the belt is faint and the “Maker” has a hole punched through it. The belt is 3 ½” wide x 41” long with 52 cartridge loops. All the cartridge loops are intact and all the original stitching is present with no repairs or modifications, other than three small holes punched through it. There is no cracking, crazing or damage to either piece and they do not appear to be oiled in modern times.

Western Rig for Colt SAA